The Chautauqua Catholic Community

at the

Chautauqua Institution

Welcome to a new
Chautauqua Catholic Community Season 2016
The various pages on this site will give you all the basic 
information you will need to be informed about 
what we do at the CCC.

The Home page will give you a special look at the 
various priests who will be presiding each week
and inform you of special events which might be of 
interest to the Catholic Community.

Priests in Residence 
Week 1

Rev. Ralph E. Wiatrowski, JCD, STL Pastor, St. Barnabas Parish
Northfield, OH 

Seminar Topic:  Thursday, June 30, 2016

“The Church’s Devotion to the Saints”

Rev. Msgr. Kenneth Miller, M.A., M.Ed. Pastor, Immaculate Heart of Mary
Austintown, OH 

Seminar Topic:  Friday July 1, 2016

“Owning the Vision of Vatican II- A Collaborative Model of Hope for Vibrant Catholic Parishes”

For a current list of all the priests who will be presiding this 
season please click on the TAB 








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