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2018 Spring Newsletter of the Chautauqua Catholic Community

Chautauqua Catholic Community

 Spring Newsletter 2018

A Happy Spring to you all! Those in the Northeast thought that  Spring would never arrive.  Snow was on the ground as late as mid-April.  But we can look forward to another exciting year at our beloved Institution.

As usual we have a stellar line up of priests to minister to us as well as stimulating lecture topics.

2018 Priests in Residence

This year our 18 Priests in residence are headlined once again by the very popular Bishops, Matthew Clark and Howard Hubbard.
They will join us Week 1

The full list is below with affiliations and lecture topics on our website.

Week 2-Frs. Anthony Ciorra, Richard Evans/ Week 3-Frs. Patrick Ziengierski, James Gillespie/ Week 4-Frs. Edward Weist, Donald Cozzens/ Week 5-Frs. Tom Nellis, Dan Holland/ Week 6-Frs. Edward Palumbos, Dominic Monti/ Week 7-Frs. Robert Perelli, James Daprile,/ Week 8-Frs. Francis Gargani, James Gilmore & Ron Bonneau/ Week 9-Frs. Hugh Burns,, Paul Milanowski.

Complete affiliations and lecture topics can be found on our website, under the SUMMER PROGRAM TAB.

Chautauqua Catholic Community Grants

On August 8, 2017 the Chautauqua Catholic Community Board approved investment guidelines for its endowment.  As a result, CCC is able to make grants to worthy applicants.  The Board is now accepting grant proposals and the eligibility criteria for these grants are on the CCC website under the NEWSLETTER TAB.

Endowment funds are also available to bring Catholic speakers to Chautauqua.  The board believes inviting noteworthy Catholic speakers is one way to expand our presence on the grounds.  Grant requests and/or recommendations for speakers can be submitted to our president, Paul Anthony,

Catholic House Hosts

This year the duties of Catholic House hosts will be shared by two couples well known to us. The first half of the season will bring back Deacon Ray and Pat Defendorf.  The second half of the season Deacon Ron and Sylvia Dains will return again as both couples give help and support to our visiting priests and our house guests as well as other members of our Catholic Community. 


Eucharistic Ministers are needed for ALL Masses during the season. If you are authorized from your home parishes we could use your help at the Saturday 5:00 P.M., Sunday 9:15 AM, and Sunday 12:15 PM Masses. Lectors are needed for only the 9:15 and 12:15 Masses on Sunday. Experience preferred. Email coordinator Maggie Snyder at


No newsletter would be complete without an appeal for financial support. The diocese of Buffalo does not support our activities at Chautauqua so we rely on your generosity to provide 18 priests, a strong Catholic religious presence, help maintain Catholic House and other community outreach endeavors. 

If you are getting this newsletter via USPS you will find a self addressed envelope accompanying this letter. If via email you can mail your contributions to: 

Chautauqua Catholic Community                                                               
P.O. Box 106
Chautauqua, NY 14722 

It is with a great deal of expectation that I and the rest of the CCC Board of Directors look forward to welcoming you back for another year of great programming and spiritual nurturing. 

God Bless you and Safe Travels, 

Paul Anthony
Chautauqua Catholic Community 















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